Body language experts analyse the friendship between Meghan and Kate

meghan and kate
Are Meghan and Kate really friends or not?

You can’t choose your family and the same goes for your in-laws. But when you marry a royal, you’re suddenly part of an extremely important family. And the royal family places a lot of value on good relationships as well. Outsiders are wondering whether Meghan and Kate are being pushed together as sister-in-laws or they genuinely like each other.

Are they friends or is it all an act?


The two duchesses recently went on an outing together to Wimbledon, where Meghan’s friend Serena Williams played in the finals of the tournament. The two seemed to have a really good time together. Meghan makes jokes and even manages to make composed, British Kate giggle. Several experts on body language have analysed their conversation and they’ve come to the conclusion that their friendship is sincere.


The two ladies are in the audience together and are chatting away. Based on what we’ve seen previously, we know that poised Kate usually has a calm and friendly smile. Only her brother-in-law prince Harry has the ability to get a naughty grin and a wider smile or laugh from the Duchess of Cambridge with his jokes. Meghan seems to have taken a leaf out of her husband’s book, because the always cheerful and smiley Duchess of Sussex manages to make Kate laugh. The two repeatedly lean in to each other to say something, which shows they like each other. The experts also say that Meghan looks at Kate with admiration.

Diana and Fergie

Royalty expert Neil Sean explains what the royal family thinks of this friendship. It seems to mirror the friendship between Diana and Sarah Ferguson, or Fergie. Fergie was married to Duke Andrew of York and took the young Diana under her wing. The somewhat wild Fergie took Diana to all kinds of wild parties, which the royal family didn’t exactly appreciate, of course. Unfortunately, the two ladies got into a fight after Charles and Diana got divorced, and they spread a lot of rumours about each other.


Queen Elizabeth wants to prevent Meghan and Kate to suffer the same fate as Diana and Fergie. Apparently, Kate admires Meghan, since Kate led a pretty sheltered life as a child and teenager. The American Meghan has led a free and eventful life, which is something Kate has never known for herself. In turn, Meghan admires Kate because she already knows all of the ins and outs of the royal family. Queen Elizabeth does everything she can to keep the two women in line and keep things nice between them. For now, it looks like the sisters-in-law really are friends. We hope it stays that way!

Meghan at Kate having a good time together at Wimbledon:

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