Don’t have any anti mosquito spray at hand? This simple household solution works wonders!


Mosquitos really don’t like when you put this in your pocket!

We’ve written about them before, but we can’t help being annoyed by these creatures: mosquitos. We only have to sit outside for an hour and we get bitten all over. Of course, you can try to keep the mosquitos at a distance, but if that doesn’t work, we’ve got an amazing tip for you.

Mosquitos hate it when you carry this with you.


The best thing to do is make sure the mosquitos don’t even come close to you. We used to think you could do this by turning off the lights, but it turns out this isn’t true. Mosquitos aren’t attracted by light, like we thought, but by body odour. If you want to keep mosquitos at bay, it’s best to work with smells. For example, these insects really don’t like the smell of lemons or lavender. That’s why it’s a good idea to light a citronella or lavender candle in any space you don’t want to be infested by mosquitos.

Dryer sheets

Going for a nice walk in the forest and don’t have any anti mosquito spray? Then this household solution will make sure you won’t come home with tons of mosquito bites. All you need is a dryer sheet. Put the dryer sheet in your pocket or loop it through one of the belt loops on your pants. You’ll notice the insects will keep away and you won’t be bitten by those annoying little creatures.

Other mosquito solutions

Don’t have any dryer sheets? Don’t despair, because did you know you can also keep mosquitos at a distance by eating garlic? Eating garlic actually has an effect on your entire body odour and mosquitos aren’t fans of this odour at all. Mosquitos also hate the smell of cloves, which is something you can easily put in your pocket as well, or put in a bowl of water in the garden. We also recommend wearing clothes in light colours: mosquitos are more attracted to dark clothes.

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Source: Libelle | Image: videostill