Oops: we’ve all been playing Monopoly wrong our whole lives

This is how you’re supposed to play Monopoly

Maybe you’re the kind of person who reads the rules very thoroughly before starting to play a game. We do, too, when we don’t know the game that well. But everyone knows how to play Monopoly, right? What could we be doing wrong about that? Well, it turns out, we’ve all been doing this very crucial thing about the game wrong all this time.

We had no idea about this! Did you know?


The Christmas holidays are in full swing and for a lot of families that means it’s the perfect time to play some board games. We know we’re looking forward to an evening of playing games after we’ve stuffed ourselves at dinner. We will need to give the rules for this particular popular game another read, though. It turns out we’ve been doing something wrong when playing Monopoly all these years. Did you land on a city or street you don’t want to buy? Apparently, your fellow players can buy it if you don’t!


What?! We’re as surprised about this as you are because we really had no idea. Before, we were convinced that you had to land on a city or street yourself if you wanted to buy it, but this turns out not to be true. Metro discovered this rule after they had a telephone call with the makers of the game. One of them recommended that players of the game “avoid game-ending arguments or accusations of cheating by following the official rule book which does, in fact, include auctioning properties.” Of course, most families have developed their one specific iterations of the rules over the years. Still, it’s good to be aware of the official rules of this popular game!

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Source: Metro | Image: Pixabay