Man buys old storage unit for $500 and finds $7.5 million

The former owner

The former owner of the storage unit had learned that as much as $7.5 million had been found in his storage box. The party naturally wanted the money back and wanted to negotiate with the new owner. Something the new owner was not very keen on…


Negotiations between the two parties broke loose and the former owner made an offer of 600,000 for the $7.5 million. It did feel a bit strange to the new owner though. How could there be so much money in the storage room, yet the former owner hadn’t paid the rent for the space? In the end, the new owner decided not to accept the offer.

A new offer

Both parties felt they were entitled to the money, but the former owner now decided to bid $1.2 million. This meant that the former owner would receive a refund of $6.3 million. Because the issue was shared on social media, two camps arose. Some thought the money should be returned to its rightful owner, while others felt it had been bought up fairly.

What would Dan do?

When asked for Dan’s opinion, Dan tried to put himself in the position of the situation. His response was that if he had found the $7.5 million, he would have returned it and thus accepted the offer. According to the auctioneer, the reason for this is that he would not be interested in further negotiations and the work involved.

The decision

Ultimately, the new owner of the money decided to accept the $1.2 million offer. The former owners decided to add something extra to the deal because the man had taken good care of the money for so long. The final amount was therefore just under $1.5 million. Still an amount the man had never dared to dream of…

Now of course the question remains; would you have accepted the offer or fought for the $7.5 million?

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Source: Ninjajournalist | Image: Youtube videostills