An 11-year-old boy finds an old bag and uses it to solve a mystery

He didn’t expect this catch

Fishing may not sound like the ideal activity for everyone, but then again, you don’t know the story of 11-year-old Brodie Brooks from South Carolina. After getting a fishing rod for his birthday, he heads to Lake Hartwell in good spirits and discovers something bizarre.

Birthday gift

The Brodie family knew how much he loved fishing, so finding him a birthday present was easy. Obviously Brodie wanted to test his new rod as soon as possible. A visit to Lake Hartwell therefore started in good spirits. The 11-year-old was so excited that he was finally allowed to test his new rod. He had even asked some other older children and his uncle to come along with him.


Fishing takes a lot of patience and Brodie knew this all too well. He and his uncle, Ben Myers, got settled once they arrived at Lake Hartwell. They were ready for a relaxing day by the water and catching lots of fish. Fortunately, Ben had a lot of fishing experience and guided young Brodie on his fishing adventure. He showed him how to hold the bait and lay out the line. To be fair, Ben had few expectations. When Brodie yelled that he had caught something, Ben was surprised. However, it soon became apparent that they would not be having fish for dinner that evening.

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