Research shows: this part of a car is 4 times dirtier than a toilet seat


The results of this study don’t lie

Cleaning is something we do every day to keep our surroundings clean. So how come we clean our homes on a very regular basis but don’t do the same for our cars? Like your house, your car needs to be cleaned regularly. Haven’t started doing this yet? You probably will after reading this article about recent findings on car hygiene…

This part of your car turns out to be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Car interior

No matter how often or little you use your car, to drive to the grocery store or to work, chances are you don’t clean the inside of your car as often as you should. Recent research shows that a third of all car owners clean the interior of their cars only once a year!

CFU level

And if you thought this was the most shocking part, you’re very wrong. The same study also investigated some other factors and the results of this were rather worrying. For example, 12 per cent of all participants indicated they never clean the inside of their car. These participants’ cars were subjected to several tests. They found 700 different types of bacteria on average that were free to multiply however much they wanted in the uncleaned cars. On behalf of Carrentals, researchers took samples and calculated the number of bacteria based on the CFU level. The CFU level is the number of bacteria, or colony-forming units, per square meter.

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