So THIS is why you never sleep well during the first night in a different bed!

first night

Another mystery solved

Everyone loves going on holiday. Not a lot of people love the idea of sleeping in a different bed from their own, though. That first night in a different bed can be a real pain. Many people suffer from a kind of ‘first night-effect’, which causes them to hardly sleep at all. But why is it that we sleep so badly during our first night in a different bed?

This explains a lot…

First night

Is the bad night’s sleep due to a hard mattress? Not at all! Even if the mattress is super soft, it can seem absolutely impossible to fall asleep that first night. So, what is causing it? Recent research shows that your brain is the culprit!


Even when you’re asleep, your brain remains active. When you’re on holiday, the left side of your brain (your left hemisphere) is more active than it usually is, according to the researchers. Apparently, this is because you’re in a place you don’t know and your brain associates this with danger. So, even while you’re sleeping, you’re on your guard for any possible danger. Your left hemisphere is working harder during the night, but your right hemisphere has the same level of activity as it has when you’re at home. This imbalance in activity between your two hemispheres is what’s causing you to have trouble sleeping.

Luckily, this isn’t a problem for very long; your brain gets used to the new situation pretty quickly. Chances are you’ll sleep like a baby during the second night of your vacation!

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Source: HLN | Image: Pixabay