29 easy and practical tips for your home

11. Put aluminum foil under your gloves to be able to use your phone

Gloves and cell phones don’t go hand-in-hand. Of course, there are special gloves you can buy, but we have a cheaper option: aluminum foil! Wrap some foil around your fingers and then put on your gloves. This allows you to keep using your phone. Perfect, right?

12. Clean your oven door with a dishwasher soap tablet

Dishwater tablets to clean off all the burnt-on food and fat from your oven door? Sounds too good to be true. And yet, just one tablet gets the job done. Dampen the tablet and scrub off all the grime. It’s important to wear gloves when doing this because the tablets contain bleach.

13. Do your dishes with tea bags

Don’t you think it’s such a shame to throw all those used tea bags in the trash? You can also use them for doing the dishes! Fill a washing-up bowl with hot water and about twelve used tea bags. The tannins in the tea are said to ensure that the fat on your plates and pans disappears like snow in the sun.

14. Use regular baking soda and vinegar to unclog a drain

Every now and then the time comes: the drain is clogged. You have all kinds of expensive chemicals on the market to get the job done but unclogging the drain can be done with baking soda and white vinegar. How does it work? First, boil water and pour it through the well. Then pour 115 grams of baking soda (possibly mixed with 50 grams of salt) down the drain, followed by 118 milliliters of white vinegar. Let this soak for ten minutes and then turn on the tap. Ta-dah, no more clogged drains.

15. Does your trashcan stink? Bread and vinegar are the solution

There is nothing worse than a smelly trash can in the kitchen. Even if you use garbage bags in your trash can, the garbage leaves a foul odor in the bin. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for this. Pour some vinegar on a slice of bread and then place the bread in the bottom of the trash can. Leave this overnight and the next morning all the bad smells will be gone.

16. Clean your bathtub with dishwashing soap and a broom

Cleaning the bathtub is an annoying chore, especially for your back. You always have to sit bent over to get to all the dirty spots in the tub. Throw some dishwashing soap in the bath top and polish it off with the broom. Perfect!

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