29 easy and practical tips for your home

17. Drill a hole in the inside of your trashcan so you can take the bags out more easily.

Setting the trash out, no fun for anyone. Especially trying to get the bag out of the bin is an annoying task. Sometimes it seems like bag is so stuck that it won’t come out of the bin at all. There’s always the risk of the bag ripping. To prevent that, it’s a good idea to drill a hole on the inside of the trashcan. It’s important to do this on the side and not on the bottom. If something were too leak, the plastic base will catch it.

18. Use aluminum foil as a funnel

Don’t own a funnel? No problem, you can just use foil. Roll the foil into the shape of a funnel and you’re ready to go.

19. Remove rust from chrome with aluminum foil

One more useful thing foil can be used for is removing rust. First clean off the area with a microfiber rag and a bit of soap and water. Then dip a piece of foil in clean water and rub it on the rusted area.

20. Keep doors from closing with a rubber band

Sometimes it’s handy to have the door stay open, like when you’re bringing in the groceries. A rubber band or piece of elastic can help. By placing the rubber band on both knobs of the door, you prevent it from locking. This means you can easily push it back open if you’ve got two big bags of groceries in your hands.

21. Fix rips in your screen door with clear nail polish

Just like runs in your tights, rips in your screen door can easily be fixed with clear nail polish. Perfect!

22. Get dents out of your carpet with ice cubes

Put an ice cube on the dent in your carpet and wait til it’s melted. The carpet will absorb the water and take back its original shape. Bye dent! Once the carpet is completely dry, you can go back over the spot with a hard brush to get out any other spots.

23. Clean your showerhead with vinegar

You don’t need expensive cleaning supplies to clean your shower. All you need is vinegar. Put some vinegar on your showerhead and leave it overnight. The next day it will be sparkly clean.

24. Use a pool noodle as a garage wall bumper

Cut a pool noodle longways in half and screw it into or glue onto your garage wall at the height of your door when you open it. This simple hack protects your wall and car from dents and scratches.

25. Get rid of pet hair with a squeegee

If you’ve got a cat or a dog, you know just how much fur they leave behind. Carpets are especially annoying and covered in no time. With just a vacuum you hardly get any of the fur off, but with a window wiper or squeegee you’ll be done in no time.

26. Turn your ceiling fans on in the right direction

You may be wondering, is there a right way to run your ceiling fan? The short answer is: yes, there is. By changing the rotation of your ceiling fan, you can save money for heating and cooling. In winter, fans should run at a low speed and clockwise to draw warm air up and around the room. In the summer, on the other hand, they should go counterclockwise to push cold air down. While a fan doesn’t actually change the temperature of the room, the warm or cool air on your skin will make you feel warmer or colder and you are more likely to give the thermostat a break. Good to know!

27. Get your windows ready for winter with bubble wrap

Get your window wet with a bit of water and then place bubble wrap on the glass. Ta-dah, just like that you have a cheap and simple DIY way of keeping warmth in and cold out. We must admit, it doesn’t look very chic so you might try this in the guest room.

28. Use cooking spray to fix a squeaky door or cabinet

Don’t have any WD-40 at home? Cooking spray will get the job done if you have a squeaky door or cupboard to fix. Spray a bit on the hinges and they’ll be quiet in no time.

29. Prevent screws from coming undone with nail polish

It’s amazing what a thin layer of nail polish can do. By covering up a screw with a bit of nail polish, which then works as glue, you increase the chance of it staying in place. Handy!

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