47 Crazy Things You Only Find in Dubai

You Won’t Believe What The Richest People In Dubai Are Buying – Number 7 Is Outrageous!

Dubai is definitely one of the strangest countries in the world. The mix of the extremely rich with the conservative islamic values creates a society that makes you raise an eyebrow. We’ve all seen photos of gold Ferraris and sjeiks keeping lions as pets. But do you know the dark reason so many young models move to Dubai?

Behind the glittering facade of wealth and luxury, there lies a darker, more troubling aspect to life in Dubai. Many young models are drawn to the city with promises of high-paying gigs and opulent lifestyles.This hidden underbelly of Dubai’s glamorous exterior reveals a disturbing truth about the power dynamics and exploitation that exist beneath the surface of its society.

But it’s not all bad, so let’s start by looking at some of the truly amazing sights you will see every day when wondering around Dubai before getting to the nitty gritty.

1. Diamond Toilets

Ever dreamed of sitting on a throne made of diamonds? Well, in Dubai, you can literally do just that! Hold onto your seats, folks, because this isn’t your average toilet—it’s a $1.28 million toilet studded with a jaw-dropping 40,815 diamonds! Yup, that’s 334 carats of bling to make your bathroom breaks feel like a royal event.

Unveiled at The Amazing Museum & Art Gallery in 2020, this sparkling commode takes the phrase “sitting pretty” to a whole new level. And to add some extra flair, the diamond seat is mounted on a golden toilet, because why not? Whether you find it hilarious or oddly glamorous, one thing’s for sure: this diamond-encrusted toilet is the ultimate in restroom luxury!

2. Police on Hover-Bikes

The sky is no longer the limit for Dubai’s law enforcement. Slated to add hover-bikes to their already extravagant fleet of police vehicles, the Dubai Police Force is taking “beat patrol” to a whole new level. Built by Hoversurf, these aerial bikes are lightweight at just 114 kg but pack a punch with a carbon fiber body and four rotors that allow vertical take-off and landing. Officers aiming to join this futuristic squad are required to have a unique skill set that combines drone operation with motorcycle riding.

Already known for patrolling the streets in Lamborghinis and Bugattis, the Dubai Police Force sees these hover-bikes as first responders to reach areas less accessible by car. These aren’t leisurely rides, either; they can fly up to 16 feet above ground and zoom through the air at speeds limited to 60 mph. If you’ve got an adventurous spirit and a healthy bank account, a civilian version of the hover-bike might just be your next big purchase—for a cool $150,000. Dubai is clearly putting the ‘sky’ in ‘skyline’ with this latest high-flying initiative.