10 surprisingly normal things the president of the United States can’t do

Attending shows or sporting events of their children

Another big drawback, according to former presidents, is the impact on the family. For example, a president is not allowed to attend sporting events for his or her children or grandchildren. In fact, some children were taught in the White House because of all the security that would otherwise be required in a regular school.

Use technology without supervision

With all the new technological advances, the Secret Service always has to be on the lookout for new threats. For this reason, Obama was asked to limit the use of his Blackberry and for Trump, his Twitter account. Social media is seen as a place where everyone can share their opinions but that’s not the case for the president of the U.S.A.  A president is also not allowed to block anyone because it goes against the first amendment.

Commercial flights

Dr. Karla Mastracchio, a cybersecurity teacher says that “normal” flights are not an option for a president. They could put extra security in place but because he possesses the Air Force 1, it would be seen as unnecessary.

Opening windows

It doesn’t seem like a big deal at all and yet opening windows is not an option for the president of America. Due to safety precautions, no windows in the White House or car can be opened. One exception was made for former First Lady Michelle Obama. She was allowed to open her car window for five minutes on her way to Camp David to enjoy something what seems so normal to others.

Cleaning the office

The president is specifically asked not to clean up his office or letters. Everything must be inspected by the staff before being thrown out.

Technically speaking nothing…

There are many rules and guidelines that the president of the U.S. has to follow. But they also have the last word. If a president wants to do something that is technically not allowed due to safety reasons, like visiting an unsafe region, then it’s technically possible. The Secret Service must then ensure that this happens in the safest way possible. The president is however always obliged to be accompanied by the Secret Service.

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Source: Insider / Image: Unsplash