No firelighters at home for the barbecue? Use an egg carton!

This is how you can use an egg carton to start the barbecue

When the weather is good, we regularly enjoy a barbecue. So often, in fact, that we sometimes forget to buy firelighters in addition to the coals. Fortunately, there is a good alternative, namely: an empty egg carton.

Empty egg carton

There is nothing more annoying than getting everything you need for the perfect barbecue, but forgetting to buy one crucial item at the supermarket. When you get home, you find out that you have forgotten to buy firelighters. Just use an empty egg carton. Then you won’t have to rush back to the supermarket.

How do you use it?

Remove the remaining eggs from the egg carton and fill each compartment with one or two coals. Place the egg carton at the bottom of the empty barbecue. Light the egg carton and wait a few seconds. Can you see the coals in the egg carton start to glow slightly? Then throw more black coals in the barbecue. Your barbecue will be ready for use within minutes!

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