Man talks about a feud between his mother and his girlfriend: “I want her to try harder for my mother”

The young man is desperate because his girlfriend and his mother don’t get along at all

Evan* feels constantly trapped between his mother and his girlfriend. The two don’t get along at all, no matter how badly Evan wants it. Out of desperation, he tells his girlfriend that she should do better in dealing with his mother, but that message is not well received.

Difficult relationship

“My mom never really liked my girlfriend,” Evan begins his story on the Reddit forum, where he asks for advice. “I come from a highly educated family and my mother thinks that my girlfriend, Lucy*, does not fit in. She believes Lucy’s work is uninteresting and a bit simple. My mother doesn’t seem to approve of her.”

Sudden death

Fortunately, Lucy and Evan’s father bonded. “My father loved Lucy. They both speak two languages ​​fluently and always had fun conversations. My father helped Lucy learn Chinese and Lucy gave my father piano lessons. They got along really well.” Unfortunately, the family suffers a great loss when Evan’s father dies suddenly.

In mourning

The death of Evan’s father only exacerbates family tensions. “My whole family was in deep mourning, and grief can make you do terrible things. My mother snapped over and over again and her insults were always directed at Lucy. My girlfriend was often in the car crying when we got back from my mother. However, I didn’t want to talk to my mother about that in these difficult times,” says Evan.


Evan really wants his girlfriend to be liked by his mother, so he takes matters into his own hands at the next family visit. “I chose an outfit for Lucy that I knew my mother would approve of. I also told her which subjects she should not discuss during the visit: basically, everything that had to do with my father.”

However, the visit does not go as planned. Read what happened on the next page.

*Evan and Lucy are not the real names of the couple. On Reddit, the man shared his story under the name, aitamotherandgf.

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