This is how you sharpen a dull knife without a sharpener

dull knife
Don’t have a knife sharpener? With this trick a dull knife will be sharp again in no time

It’s a slow process, but there comes a point in time when you think ‘was this knife always this hard to cut with?’ Some people might own a knife sharpener, but what if you can’t find it or if you simply don’t own one? We’ve got the solution to your problem because this simple household object will help you sharpen any dull knife you have.

There are few things as frustrating as having to cut with a dull knife.

Dull knife

Knives are bound to get dull when you use them a lot. At first, you don’t really notice it, until you realise you’ve been cutting away at the same piece of chicken breast without actually making any progress for quite a while now. That’s when you know it’s time to sharpen the knife in question. There are a ton of different sharpeners you could get, from simple, cheap things to the big, professional stuff. A true chef uses a honing steel, of course, but a lot of beginners don’t want to start out with that.

Knife sharpener

A lot of knife sharpeners are very easy to use and are made in such a way that they’re safe to use without hurting yourself. Super handy, of course, but if you can’t find the thing you still won’t get very far. And we totally get it if you don’t feel like buying a sharpener for the few times you might need it. We’d rather spend our money elsewhere as well. Plus, you don’t even really need a sharpener because all you need to sharpen your dull knife is a coffee cup. And who doesn’t own one of those?

Coffee cup

Get a coffee cup or mug and hold it upside down. You’re going to use the unglazed edge on the bottom of the mug for this trick. Take the knife you want to sharpen and move it over the bottom of the cup in a rapid motion. Repeat this motion 10 to 15 times for both sides of the knife. Wash the knife before you use it again. It should be a lot sharper now! Not sharp enough yet? Then repeat the entire process. Do make sure you use a sturdy cup or mug and not your dainty English coffee cups.

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Source: Elle Eten | Image: Pexels