Stick some coloured tape over your phone’s camera and THIS might be the result! Unbelievable!

DIY blacklight

If you stick a piece of coloured tape over the flash on your phone you’ll create your own mini UV blacklight. All you need is your mobile phone, some transparent tape and two felt tip pens: a blue one and a purple one. So, how do you make this blacklight? It’s very easy: stick a piece of tape over the flash on your phone. Then, colour the tape with the blue felt tip pen. Leave this to dry for a little bit and then stick another piece of tape over it. Colour this blue as well and leave it to dry. Then, stick another piece of tape over it and colour this one purple. Leave it to dry and stick one final piece of tape on top of it. Take a picture of your bathroom or your toilet and be amazed by your DIY blacklight!

You can watch the instructions and an example of the result in the video below as well!

Did you know…

Your iPhone has the ability to see what’s on your pictures! The device recognises thousands of objects, scenes, surroundings and facial expressions and attaches a category to them. Such a category could be, for example, ‘glasses’ or ‘bag’ or ‘dress’. You can test this function by going to the Gallery on your iPhone and click the search icon within ‘Albums’.

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Source: Tech Advisor

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