This is why you should always put coffee filters in the bottom of your plant pots!

coffee filters

Coffee filters are so useful!

Coffee filters; you can use them for a lot more than just making coffee. For example, did you know you can actually use them to clean with? They’re definitely multi-functional! The trick we’ve got for you today is particularly ingenious, though. It involves plant pots…

Putting coffee filters in the bottom of your plant pots could make all the difference in keeping your plants alive!

Green thumb

We don’t exactly have a green thumb, but this trick is so easy that even we can make it work! Plus, it will make caring for plants much easier. All you need to do is put a coffee filter in the bottom of your plant pot. Place it between the plant’s dirt and the pot’s drainage hole. This drainage hole is usually where dirt and water comes out. By placing a filter in between the dirt and the pot, you make sure that the water can still go out the bottom, but the dirt stays put.


The benefits of this trick are really worth your while:

  • Usually, when dirt or soil comes out of the drainage hole, this can cause the hole getting clogged. The water can flow less freely and no air can get into the pot. In the end, this can kill your plant, because it can cause its roots to rot, which isn’t what you want.
  • Since coffee filters are absorbent, they will hold some of the water that flows out of the pot. That means you’ve kind of created your own self-watering plant! You’ll have to water it less often because of this. How cool is that?
  • There might come a time when you want to move your plant from one pot to another. If you’ve placed a coffee filter at bottom of the pot, transporting the plant becomes much easier, since the filter will help keep the soil in place. It’ll save you a huge mess!

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Source: TipHero | Image: Pixabay