The ultimate Christmas hack! THIS is how to neatly wrap your gifts in 30 seconds!


With this hack you’ll be able to neatly wrap your gifts within seconds!

We’re probably not the only ones who have to do most of our Christmas shopping pretty last minute. And then there’s the gift wrapping… A sure disaster every year. The entire house is covered in wrapping paper and half of the gifts end up looking like they’re wrapped by your 4-year-old niece.

You can save yourself a lot tears and misery this year, because there’s a way that makes wrapping your gifts so much easier! This Japanese gift wrapping technique is super simple and your gifts will look as if they’ve been wrapped by professionals. As always, the Japanese have much better and more efficient ways to do things. Watch the video below to see how this method works and use it in the future. It’ll save you so much time and effort!

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