Unbelievable: These super practical tricks with cola will blow your mind!

Rusty tools

Have you got some old tools that have quite a bit of rust on them? Fill a large container with coke and put the tools in it. Let them sit for a while and use a brush to clean them. Rinse and dry well before storing them.


Have your kids been drawing and did some of their marker end up on the table or another surface? Simply spray some coke on the surface and let it sit. Rub away the marks with a clean towel and use a wet towel to clean away to coke to prevent your table from getting sticky.


The success formula for cola was initially developed by a pharmacist in 1880. This pharmacist’s goal was to develop a simple medicine against dizziness and vertigo. These days, you can still use coke as a solution against nausea, a sore throat or diarrhoea. Because of this special use of the soda, it is usually recommended to drink a glass of coke after every meal you eat in an exotic country. The bacteria the coke contains will decrease your chances of getting food poisoning.

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Source: Weet Magazine | Image: video still Vitalius

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