Apparently, we’ve all been using can openers wrong our whole lives

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It’s much easier to open a can with a can opener if you use this method

Have you been using a can opener to open cans of food for practically your entire life, like us? Then this is the lifehack for you! Apparently, we’ve all been using can openers wrong our entire lives. The video in this article shows you the easiest way to do it. And believe us; this is going to save you so much trouble in the kitchen from now on!

Have you been using can openers the wrong way all these years?

Cleaning can openers

For a lot of people, a can opener is an essential item to have in the kitchen. It’s very useful when it comes to opening cans of tomato, soap or other types of canned food. Did you know you should properly clean your can opener from time to time? After every time you use it, the little wheels end up full of bacteria. There’s an easy way to clean an opener, though. Place the opener in a glass jar (with the wheels facing down) and fill it with white vinegar until the wheels are entirely covered. Let this sit and soak for an hour. Then, take it out and scrub it with an old toothbrush, using some of the vinegar in the jar. When the little wheels appear to be entirely clean, you finish by washing up the opener with a bit of dish soap and drying it properly with a tea towel.

Now, onto the can opener hack you came for. How do you use it properly? Go to the next page to find out!

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