5 reasons to never throw out eggshells again

1. Keep vermin at bay

Are you trying to deal with slugs, snails and worms eating away at the flowers and plants in your garden? Crunch up some eggshells and sprinkle them around your plants. Vermin don’t like eggshells, so they will stay away from your plants from now on.

2. Feed the earth

Since you’re in your garden now anyway, why not crush some more eggshells and put them in the soil? Since they’re full of calcium, they’ll provide a ton of extra nutrition to your plants.

3. Add them to the compost

Still have eggshells left over? Throw them onto the compost heap or into the compost bin if you have one. The shells will compost really quickly and they will add a ton of calcium to the compost.

4. Make your coffee less bitter

Is your coffee a little too bitter for your taste? Add some crunched up pieces of eggshell to your coffee grinder.

5. Treat irritated skin

Dissolve pieces of eggshell in a small bowl with apple cider vinegar. This could take up to two days. Apple cider vinegar helps blemishes on your skin to fade away and the eggshell adds calcium to the mix. Apply the apple cider vinegar mixture onto your skin by dabbing it on and you’ll see it’ll soothe irritation or pain.

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