Does your jacket smell like sweat? Here are 4 tips to remove that smell


  • Vinegar and water: Fill a bucket with a considerable amount of vinegar and lukewarm water. Put the jacket in the bucket and let it soak properly. Then, put it in the washing machine and wash it on the usual programme with some laundry detergent and fabric softener. The jacket will maintain its shape and quality and the sweat odour will be gone completely.

  • Spray bottle: Another option is to fill a spray bottle with lukewarm water and vinegar. Turn the jacket inside out and spray the inside of the jacket with the vinegar mixture. Let it hang outside in the fresh air for a night and the next day the sweat odour should have disappeared.
  • Special clothing spray: These days you can buy special clothing sprays. On the internet, many people recommend the clothing sprays made by the brands Febreze or Ambi-Pur. For this method, you have to turn the jacket inside out as well, spray it and let it air outside overnight.
  • Freezer: Do you have a new jacket? Put it in the freezer overnight first. This will prevent the sweat odours from your armpits to be able to soak into the fabric.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results and each person’s results may vary.

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Source: Flair | Image: pxhere

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