Traveling by plane soon? This is how you make sure your suitcase is the first one to arrive at baggage claim!


No one wants to spend ages waiting for their suitcase

When you’ve just come home from a relaxing vacation, you don’t want to waste time at baggage claim waiting for your luggage. You just want to get home as quickly possible. But there’s always the chance that your suitcase is the last one to arrive.

There’s a handy trick that’ll ensure you don’t have to wait for ages.

Baggage claim
Everyone knows that airports can be pretty chaotic places. It’s really not that strange that every now and then things go wrong with people’s baggage. A long waiting time at baggage claim doesn’t exactly improve your mood after you’ve just had a relaxing vacation, though. Luckily, Travel + Leisure‘s website has a few tricks that’ll shorten the waiting time and make sure your suitcase is the first to arrive. That way you will be home before you know it!

Apparently, what works best is to go to the check-in counter to ask for a label that says ‘fragile’. When a suitcase has this label, it’ll be the last one to be loaded into the plane. That means it’s most likely one of the first ones to arrive at baggage claim when the plane has reached its destination. Another option is to be one of the last people to check in their luggage, if that’s possible. It follows the same principle as the trick with the label. Last one on the plane, first one at baggage claim. Want to play it 100 percent safe? Then it’s best to book a first class ticket. Of course, that’s not an option for everyone. We’ll go for the label trick next time we’re flying!

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Source: Travel + Leisure | Image: Baggage claim by Bradley Gordon license CC BY 2.0