Handy hacks: with these tricks you’ll get crease free clothes without using an iron

No more miserable ironing sessions to make sure your clothes are crease free

Big loads of laundry will keep you busy for at least half a day. Sorting, washing, drying, folding… It’s a definite chore and a half. It can get even more tedious if you have to iron all of your clothes to get out the creases as well. Standing there, bent over the ironing board… We’d rather not, if at all possible. Luckily, there are some very easy ways to get rid of creases in your clothing without having to use an iron!

These tricks will make your life a lot easier.

1. The wet washcloth

Put your creased outfit into the tumble dryer along with a wet washcloth and let the dryer run for about 10 to 15 minutes. The steam that comes off the washcloth will make sure every crease in your clothes will be straightened. Your clothes will look super neat, even though they’ve just come out of the dryer!

2. Shake it off

Of course, it’s very easy to just throw your clothes in the dryer, but when you throw in shirts that are all tangled together, they’ll probably come out just as tangled as they went in. That’s why it’s important to shake out your clothes before you put them into the dryer. That way, they won’t come out all tangled and creased.

3. Change your dryer settings

When your dryer spins too fast, the creases in your shirts will probably only become more pronounced. That’s why it’s important to make sure your dryer runs on a slower setting. You’ll get far fewer creases when the drum turns slowly.

4. Don’t leave your clothes in the washing machine

You should take your clothes out of the washing machine as soon as it’s done with the programme. Leaving the wet clothes inside the machine for too long is exactly what can cause more creases to appear.

5. Fold your clothes in the right way

Most people fold their clothes in the middle, because it’s easier to store. Instead of doing that, though, you should fold your clothes in three parts, like they do in clothing stores. This way, you’ll prevent an ugly crease in the middle of your shirt from appearing as soon as you take the item out of your wardrobe.

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Source: Good Housekeeping | Image: Pexels