The fastest way to remove mold in the refrigerator

mold in the fridge

Simply wipe and the mold is gone!

Have you left your food in the fridge for too long? Then there is a chance that mold has formed in the refrigerator. This dirty, grayish blemish can be difficult to clean. Fortunately, there is a very easy and quick trick to remove that muck in the fridge.

Mold in the fridge

Sometimes you think you do everything you can to have a clean fridge, but there is mold in your fridge anyway. Mold develops rather quickly in a refrigerator and it is therefore important that you regularly clean it. But how does mold develop in your refrigerator and how can you remove it? We will tell you.

How can mold develop?

The refrigerator is the prefect place for bacteria and mold to grow. There is a lot of food and the cool temperature creates a perfect environment for mold to grow. Mold grows fastest in foods containing water but also on dry products. Due to the air circulation in the refrigerator, the spores of mold have the chance to sit on all uncovered products. For example, is there a rotten piece of vegetables in your vegetable drawer? Then these fungal spores can be found on all other vegetables in the tray in no time. Reason enough to give your fridge a good cleaning once you have discovered mold in it!

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