Woman Gives Her Abusive Mother a Taste of Her Own Medicine

What Goes Around Comes Around

The sun had been down for a long time, and the house was as quiet as the thick, dark silk of the night. Evelyn “Evie” Patterson was all by herself in her private painting studio. She looked down at the canvas in front of her and held a paintbrush out in front of her. Each stroke felt like the echo of a scary past, echoing against the concrete walls of her mind.

She thought back to a time when the silence wasn’t calming but rather made her feel trapped. At that time, darkness wasn’t a defense, it was a jail. Having to live with her mother, Clara, was like walking on broken eggshells on thin ice. If you made a mistake, you’d fall through and into the icy depths of her anger. Her mother’s hard eyes and speech as sharp as broken glass had been like a dark storm cloud that wouldn’t go away during her childhood.

Then there was her dad, Harold, who was a huge slacker and spoiled child. Clara’s cold control was the exact opposite of how he felt about her. Harold was a quiet bystander in the drama of their broken family. His attention was always on something other than her.

Young Evie’s life was full of emotional ups and downs. One minute, her mother was cold, and the next, her husband didn’t care about her. It was a hard, sharp pill for a child who was just getting old enough to understand how connections between adults work.

Evie will never forget the day she was kicked out of their home. Clara’s words were as sharp as knives, and they forced her to leave. It felt like the ground had been ripped out from under her feet, and for a moment, she was falling, lost in a void of shock and denial.

But from this bottomless pit came a way out. Walter, her real father, reached out and took her by the hand. He pulled her out of the crushing darkness and into his warm and caring world. His house was a lighthouse on her stormy seas, leading her to the beaches of understanding, love, and, in the end, self-discovery.

As Evie put down her painting, she could still feel the echoes of that storm inside of her. The painting’s bright colors and bold strokes told a story that only she fully understood. It was a story of her past, a testament to her strength, and a haunting picture of the shadows she once lived in. But it was also a sign of hope, of how things can change, and of how love can heal old scars.

The day Evie walked through the door of her father’s house, she started a new part of her life, where every moment held the hope of making things right. Clara’s gray, sterile home was very different from Walter’s home, which was full of light and had a warm, welcome feel.

Her first few weeks were hard, and old wounds from Clara’s home often hurt just as much as when they first happened. She sometimes didn’t feel like she was worth much because Clara’s thoughts messed with hers. 

But Walter’s kindness and understanding helped her slowly heal, and his belief in her potential gave her the strength to face her demons.