This is why you should always wear rubber gloves when you’re doing the dishes

rubber gloves

You’ll definitely start wearing rubber gloves after reading this

It’s all about what you’re used to, really. If you’ve always seen your parents wear rubber gloves while doing the dishes, you’ve probably adopted that habit as well. If you’re used to doing the dishes with bare hands, you probably hadn’t even thought about wearing them. Yet we’re here to tell you it’s better if you do wear them and here’s why!

Those rubber gloves really do have their use!

1. Grip

Water, soap and smooth materials aren’t a great combination. That’s why we regularly accidentally let glasses and plates slip through our fingers. Usually, nothing goes wrong because they simply fall back into the warm water, but sometimes we’re out of luck and we end up with a dishpan full of shards. You can partly prevent this from happening by wearing rubber gloves. These will ensure you have much more grip. And if you do still drop something, your hands are protected from any sharp edges.

2. Skin

Warm water and dish soap aren’t exactly good for your skin. The warm water dehydrates your hands, and the degreasing dish soap doesn’t help either. Your skin can really start to get irritated, especially if you often have dry skin or eczema already. By wearing the rubber gloves, you’ll prevent the dehydration and irritation.

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