Things you shouldn’t be flushing down the toilet


Some things are better left ‘unflushed’

Sometimes it’s the easiest and closest option available: some people use the toilet as a substitute trash can. If you can flush your body waste then why not regular waste? But apparently there are some things that you definitely should not be flushing down the toilet. 


Surprising but true: bleach is one of the things that you should not be flushing down your toilet. Even though it is used by many people to clean their toilets, it would be safer to switch out the bleach for a different kind of cleaning supply. When bleach gets mixed with other things that are flushed down the toilet, a chemical reaction can occur in the sewer. Worst case scenario: when bleach gets in contact with the wrong substances, toxic gasses can be released which can be dangerous to breathe in.  

Frying fat

After making a yummy batch of fries in the deep fryer, it is always a hassle to get rid of the frying fat. Throwing it out in the bathroom seems like a safe and easy option, but it is not. The fat combined with the water can clog up your pipelines. So if you value your toilet and plumbing, then it might be better to collect the frying fat in a separate container and get rid of it in a different way. 


It’s probably a very relatable situation: you’re in the bathroom and you have to blow your nose. A tissue seems like a secure option and the toilet bowl is right there, so why not throw it in? Even though tissues and toilet paper look like they’re made out of the same material, they’re not the same thing. Tissues have a harder time dissolving in the water. So if you want to blow your nose, you might just want to throw the tissue out in the regular trash can. 


The same issue arises when you flush band-aids. The material that band-aids are made of won’t dissolve in the water and so they might get stuck in your pipelines causing obstructions and you will need more than just a band-aid to fix that kind of damage. 


After having a nice bowl of hot soup, getting rid of the leftovers is tricky. You can’t just throw liquids in the trash since it will get pretty messy, but it is also not an option to toss your leftover soup in the toilet. The grease that is in the food can get stuck to other materials in your pipelines, causing another blockage. And a clogged toilet is not a great way to end a delicious evening of good food. 

For now, it might be more beneficial to invest in a small trash can in your bathroom, just to make sure you don’t get surprised by any unwanted plumbing issues.

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Source: | Image: Unsplash, Giorgio Trovato