These are the things you aren’t allowed to take with you from hotel rooms


Have you ever ‘stolen’ hotel soap?

When you spend the night in a nice hotel, it’s always a pleasure to use the free shampoos, lotions and soaps. The soft towels and fluffy bathrobes are amazing as well. There are quite a lot of people who take some stuff home from their hotel room. But we wondered; which things are you actually allowed to take with you and when does it become stealing?

There are a couple of things you are simply allowed to take home.

Take home

We hope it’s pretty obvious that you can’t just take the television from the wall and put it in your suitcase, but how about those shampoos? They’re free to use, of course, but are you allowed to take them home if you didn’t open the bottles? It’s high time to clear these things up! These are the things you’re allowed to take home with you:

  • Toiletry: shampoo, conditioner and lotions. You’re allowed to take all of these home with you to use and enjoy them at a later moment.
  • Stationary: writing paper or pens with the hotel logo. These are perfectly fine to take with you.
  • Postcards: a lot of hotels have postcards lying around showing the hotel or its surroundings. You can just take these home with you as a souvenir.
  • Slippers: not all hotels offer this luxury, but with a bit of luck you’ll find a pair of slippers in your room. Are they so comfortable that you don’t want to say goodbye to them? You don’t have to because you’re allowed to take them with you!

There are also a couple of things the hotel would like you to leave in the room, though. You can find these on the next page!

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