Apparently, we’ve all been using can openers wrong our whole lives


Back to the lifehack we’ve all been waiting for because what is the right way to open a tin can? Pay close attention to how you place the wheels of a can opener on the can. Do you place them vertically, with one wheel on top and one wheel beneath the can? Then you might have experienced some difficulty getting the loosened lid out of the can. Try placing the opener onto the can horizontally. Make sure one of the wheels is on the inside of the edge and the other one on the outside. When you open it this way, the entire edge of the can comes loose, which makes it much easier to remove the top!

Of course, this all sounds a little confusing, so here’s a video that shows you how it’s done. Start watching from minute 10:12!

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Source: YouTube, Brico Sympa, The Kitchn | Image: video still

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