Have your black clothes faded? Just use a bit of coffee to bring them back to their original colour!

black clothes

All you need to give your black clothes a boost is a cup of coffee!

Black clothes go with absolutely everything. Black dresses, black pants, black shirts; we can’t get enough of buying them! The downside is that their black colour often fades pretty quickly… After a couple of washes they’ve already gone from black to a sort of darkish grey, which is a pity. Luckily, there’s an easy trick to fix that!

This trick is super easy and budget-proof!


There’s no need to throw out your faded black jeans – that would be such a waste! We’ve got a very simple trick that will have your faded black clothes back to their original pitch black colour in no time. All you need is two cups of black coffee, a washing machine and the black item of clothing in question. You might have your doubts, but after this treatment your clothes will be as good as new!

This is how you do it:

Put the clothes you want to use this trick on in the washing machine. Make sure you only wash black items of clothing and don’t add clothes in any other colour! Add two cups of black coffee to the machine. We recommend making some extra strong coffee for an extra black colour. Put your machine on the rinse cycle and you’ll notice your clothes will come out black as the night! The coffee functions as a natural clothes dye. Light colours will turn brown if you use coffee, but with black fabrics the dark colour will only be enhanced.

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Image: video still YouTube JairWoo