Cut your kiwi in small pieces in mere seconds with this trick

Cut your kiwi in small pieces without getting your hands dirty

We love kiwi! The fuzzy green fruit contains a lot of vitamins and they taste delicious. The thing is, we hate cutting them. We’re always struggling to take off the skin, meaning we end up with sticky and wet hands. However, after seeing this trick you’ll change your mind on kiwis, as this makes it so much easier to peel and cut them!

This simple trick costs mere seconds.


Did you know that this fruit is named after the kiwi bird from New Zealand? We didn’t! Apparently, the fuzzy fruit looks a little like the round belly of the kiwi bird. Kiwis are very healthy and low in calories. They contain vitamin C, B and E. Vitamin C in particular does wonders for our health as it may prevent colds. Green kiwis contain more vitamin C than an orange or three(!) lemons. Moreover, kiwis contain a lot of fiber which are great for your digestion. Kiwis are the only fruit containing the enzyme actinidine. This enzyme helps the body digest protein quicker.

Hand mixer

This trick is terribly simple, so simple we’re thinking ‘how come we didn’t think of this?’. With something as simple as a hand mixer, which most of us own, you can easily cut your kiwi. The only thing you need to do is cut the fruit in half with a knife. Then, grab a whisk from the hand mixer and stab it in the kiwi. Turn it 45 degrees to cut the kiwi in four equal parts. These parts are the perfect size for a fruit salad or to take with you on the go and snack on.

Watch the video to see how this trick works. The kiwi trick starts at 43:35.

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Source:  5 minute crafts | Image: Video still