A roll of duct tape only costs a few bucks and it’s beyond useful! Here are 6 duct tape tricks!

duct tape

Did you know you can do all of these things with duct tape?

Duct tape is pretty much indestructible. We figure you could probably waterproof your home by just using some of this tape. It’s oil proof and water resistant, which makes it exceptionally useful when it comes to emergency repairs. In an episode of Mythbusters, a popular science TV program, they even proved that you can build a bridge of 30 meters out of duct tape that would be able to carry at least one person!

That’s impressive!

Boats and cannons

The presenters also showed that you can make a functioning cannon and a water proof boat out of the tape. Now, although our tips don’t include cannons or boats, they are very useful when it comes to every day life. You can do all kinds of different things with duct tape, and we’ve made a list of six of our favorite uses.

Six tips

  1. Get rid of warts: Got a wart on your foot? Not a problem, just stick some duct tape on it! Cut the tape to the right size; it should be just a little bit bigger than the wart. Stick the tape on the wart and leave it for six days before removing it. Soak the wart in water and scrub it with a sponge or pumice stone. Let the wart breathe during the following night, so don’t cover it up. The next morning, you should put another piece of duct tape on the place of the wart. Leave it like this for another six days, and when you remove the tape the wart will have disappeared!
  2. Open stubborn glass jars: Opening glass jars can be a real pain. It’s so frustrating when you’re cooking a meal and you can’t get to one of the ingredients because the jar won’t open. The trick is to stick a piece of duct tape around the lid and then pull. It’ll come right off! For a more elaborate (and visual) instruction you can go right here!
  3. Slippery shoes: Shoes with slippery soles can be pretty dangerous, especially if it’s raining or if it’s been freezing outside. One wrong move and you fall flat on your face (or back). By adding some little pieces of duct tape to the soles of your shoes, you’ll increase the grip on them.
  4. Shedding animals: When your cat is shedding, your sofa will probably be covered in cat hairs. Vacuuming will help a little, but there will still be a lot of hairs left when you’re done. There’s no need for frustration, though! Stick some duct tape around a paint roller and roll it over the hairy surfaces. The hair will be gone in no time!
  5. Prevent blisters: When you’ve bought a new pair of shoes, chances are you’ll get some blisters. To prevent this from happening, you can stick a small piece of duct tape onto the places you’d otherwise get blisters on. This will prevent the constant friction and will allow you to get used to your new shoes without a problem.
  6. Dustpan and brush: When you want to brush up some dirt or dust with a dustpan, you hardly ever get everything because the dustpan keeps moving a little. Stick the dustpan to the floor with some duct tape and sweep up every little bit of dust without an issue.

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Source: Greatist | Image: Pixabay