Cleaning the keyboard is easy with this ingenious trick

Clean your keyboard in a jiffy

Many of us will recognize it: at the end of the day there are more bread crumbs between the keys of your keyboard than there is on your plate. Eating behind your computer and therefore above your keyboard is sometimes so tempting. But what about those crumbs? With this trick you can remove the dirt between your keys very simply and effectively!

Cleaning the keyboard

Not only is it very dirty if your entire keyboard is covered with crumbs and other food scraps, it is also not very good for your keyboard. After all, the more dirt there is in it, the more your computer keys will stop working over time. At a certain point your keyboard becomes unusable. But how should we clean the keyboard? A damp cloth is not wise (after all, you work with electronics) and keeping it upside down is not enough for stubborn dirt. Fortunately, we have the tip.

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