This is why you should put an old newspaper on the barbecue grill grate

grill grate
This trick with an old newspaper will come in handy when you’re cleaning your grill grate!

We love those long summer nights in the backyard. Long barbecues with family and friends and afterwards just sitting there together talking and drinking until late in the evening. Although we seem to light our barbecues pretty much every day in this weather, we really don’t like the part that comes after it: cleaning the thing. Luckily, we’ve got a handy trick involving an old newspaper that will make sure the grill grate is squeaky clean again in no time.

All you need for this trick is an old newspaper.

Burned food scraps

We’re all familiar with the nasty chore of having to clean all of the burned food scraps from the grate. Often this is much easier said than done. Even with a special steel brush it’s sometimes impossible to remove all the sticky, black muck from the grill grate. You can scrub all you want, but once it’s stuck, it’s stuck. That’s why it’s much better to soak loose the burned food scraps before you go to town on it with the steel brush.

Old newspaper

And yes, all you need to remove the caked on and burned food scraps from the barbecue grate is an old newspaper! Put the old newspaper underneath the barbecue grate and use a spray bottle filled with water to properly drench the grate. Put another old newspaper on top of the grate and spray this with water as well. Leave the grate like this over night. The wet newspaper will absorb all of the grease and it makes sure the stuck mucky bits will come loose. Now try to remove all of the scraps with you steel brush. You’ll notice all of the filth will come off the grate without any trouble at all!

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Source: LibelleTV | Image: Wikimedia Commons, SparkFun Electronics