You can cool down your hot car within seconds with this simple trick!

hot car

With this trick you won’t have to drive around in a hot car

At long last, the weather is starting to look nice again! It’s actually starting to feel like summer, so we’re all heading outside to enjoy the sun (or the shade). Perhaps a trip to the beach is on the agenda? But if it’s hot outside and your car is parked out in the sun, it’s going to feel like stepping into an oven. Luckily, we’ve got a trick that will help you cool down your hot car very quickly!

Who knew it could be this easy…


Did you know that a car that’s been in full sunlight can get as hot as 50 degrees Celsius? If it’s 24 degrees outside, the temperature in your car can rise to 34 degrees within ten minutes. In only thirty minutes the temperature can rise to 43 degrees. When the car is standing in the sun, it can reach a 50-degree temperature. That’s not going to be a very comfortable car ride. A lot of people blast the A/C as soon as they get in the car, but that costs a lot of energy. And some cars don’t even have A/C! There’s no need to panic, though, because this trick will cool down your blazing hot car in no time at all.


This trick is used in a lot of hot countries because it’s so quick and effective. Sure, it’s entirely possible to just blast the A/C for a while to cool down your car, however, this will cost lots of energy as well as time. Moreover, not every car has A/C, so that trick doesn’t work for everyone. The following tip is much more efficient and it works on all cars. Go on to the next page to learn how to cool down your car within seconds.

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