7 ways to keep your house warm while also saving money on your energy bill

energy bill

This is how you can save money on your energy bill

The colder months of the year also tend to be the more expensive ones: we buy gifts for our loved ones and a ton of good food and the energy bill is a lot higher than it is in summer. We love winter and its cosiness, but it can be rather expensive, too! Luckily, we’ve got a couple of ways that’ll help you lower your energy bill. You can still keep your home warm without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money.

Keeping your home warm doesn’t have to be expensive.

High costs

Heating your home costs a lot of energy. Research shows that over 70 per cent of the average household’s energy bill is made up of the costs of heating your home. That’s quite a lot! Luckily, there are ways to lower these costs. By applying the following tricks you won’t have to sit in the cold but you also won’t have to pay through the nose to cover your energy bills.

1. Use your curtains

The sun’s heat is free,┬áso use it wisely. Leave your curtains open during the day so the sunlight can come in through the windows, but close the curtains when the sun goes down. The closed curtains will function as an extra layer of insulation against the cold and they help to keep the warmth in.

2. Make sure your curtains are the right size

In a lot of homes, the radiator is located below the windows. There’s a good chance you’ve got long curtains and they end up covering not only the windows but also the radiators. That way, the curtains are blocking the warmth coming from the radiator. Make sure you’ve got curtains that are long enough to cover the windows, but short enough to leave the radiators exposed.

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