THIS is why you should pour a splash of soda in with your flowers! The effect is amazing!


It sounds strange, but it really works!

Even though we all know water is much better for you, most of us still drink soda – if not every day then at least one in a while. It can be a real treat to drink a nice glass of cola or other fizzy drink. But did you know you can use soda for other purposes as well? Try pouring some of it in a vase of flowers and you’ll see something amazing will happen!

Your flowers will thank you.

Splash of soda

When you’ve spent a fortune on a nice bouquet of flowers to spruce up your home with, you’ll want to enjoy them for as long as possible. No one likes a bunch of flowers that wilts within just a few days. It seems like such a waste of money and it just look so sad. Luckily, there’s a trick that will make your flowers last longer. Add a splash of soda to the water! It might sound weird, but your flowers won’t wilt as quickly if you use this trick.


Our bodies might not be too happy with this sugar bomb of a drink, but your flowers will love it. The sugars the drink contains serve as the perfect nutrients for the flowers. Plus, the carbonic acid in the soda will kill bacteria in the water. Did you put your flowers in a glass or transparent vase? Then it might be a good idea to choose a type of soda that’s transparent as well, like Sprite. Otherwise, the water might look a little gross.

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Source: Flair | Image: Pixabay