This is how you increase your candles’ lifespan


All you need is a freezer and some salt!

We love candles. Especially in winter! But if you burn a lot of candles, you will have to buy new ones every week. And that’s something your bank account might not go along with. But what if we told you there’s a way to make your candles last longer?


It might feel a little silly to put your candle in the freezer, but believe us when we say: it will work wonders for the lifespan of your candle. After you have purchased a new wax addition to your home, first leave it in the freezer for a few hours. It will make your candle last longer and it will help prevent the candles from dripping too much. This is because the wax freezes in the freezer, causing the wax to melt more slowly when you light it. The amount of time that your candle should spend in the freezer depends on the thickness of the candle and varies from one to eight hours.

Salt water

If you don’t want to put your candles in the freezer, you can choose a more ‘conventional’ method; putting your candle in some salt water before you light it. If you bathe your candle in a bath of salt water, it will also extend its lifespan. Just make sure you let it dry long enough. Another method for using salt in your candle is by sprinkling some around the wick after you have just lit it. The salt mixes with the melted wax and slows down the melting process.

Burning method

The way you burn your candle will also influence its lifespan. If you always put it out before the top layer of wax can completely melt, you will create a ‘tunnel’ in your candle. The wax that remains standing will not be burned up and eventually you’ll have to throw it out. Which could be considered a waste of wax! If you wait until the whole top layer of wax has melted away before putting the candle out, it will dry up evenly and your candle will look as good as new again!

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Source: Libelle, Taste of Home | Image: Unsplash