Ugly green algae on your wooden fence will be gone in no time if you use this old-fashioned product!

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Green algae are no match for this product from days past

It doesn’t exactly make your garden look any prettier: green algae on your wooden fence. Now the time has come again to sit outside on our patios, we want everything to be in mint condition. A green fence around said patio doesn’t exactly fit with that idea! No need to worry, because this old-fashioned product will help you get rid of it in no time.

Green stains on your wooden fence will disappear in no time at all if you use this product.

Spring cleaning

It’s the perfect time of year to busy yourself in the garden again: cleaning the patio tiles, removing weeds (this tip will make that super easy), and sprucing up your patio furniture. Many people often forget to incorporate their wooden fences in this spring cleaning as well, even though they definitely deserve some attention. During winter, moss, mold and algae thrive and they’ve made themselves comfortable on your fence. Luckily, good old green soap provides the solution.

Wooden fence

Dissolve equal amounts of green soap and baking soda (about five tablespoons) in a liberal amount of warm water. Stir the mixture together properly and rub a small amount of it on the stains on your fence. Let it soak for a while and then take out a brush with tough hairs. Use it to scrub the fence with. Make sure you don’t use a brush that’s too hard, like a steel brush; this might damage the wood. As soon as you’ve scrubbed every spot on the fence, rinse it with water. You’ll see it’s completely clean once more!

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