Oh no, wasps! No need to panic because with this trick they’ll definitely stay away!


The best tip against wasps!

After giving you tips on how to keep away ants (here) and mosquitos (here) we now have a great trick against wasps as well! As soon as spring starts to do its thing, these wretched yellow-and-black-striped creatures start to come out, and they can really mess up a nice afternoon in the garden or a good picknick. Some people are scared of them as well, because, if angered, they can give you a nasty sting.

Do you want to know how to make sure wasps stay away from you? Keep reading!


Now the weather is getting better again, wasps seem to be appearing out of thin air. It’s as if they’re existing just to bother us while we’re trying to enjoy the sunshine after months of cold. Actually, though, the wasp simply wants to find itself some food. When the sun comes out and the weather is nice and warm, we all head outside to eat in the garden and consume a good amount of lemonade, ice lollies and other sweet foods. Three guesses what kind of food a wasp likes best? Right, sweet stuff. That’s why they always start to flock to you when you’re trying to eat.


This is very annoying, of course, because you don’t want to be bothered by some flying insect when you’re having dinner. Many people get nervous when a wasp approaches them because they can sting quite badly. It’s important not to start waving your arms about you to get rid of the wasp, though! A wasp won’t sting you unless it thinks like its life is in danger. When you start attacking it, the wasp might feel cornered and that’s when it will sting you. Being stung by a wasp isn’t dangerous (unless you’re allergic), but it can hurt a bit, so you might want to avoid it.

So, if you shouldn’t get rid of wasps in that way, what should you do? Go to the next page to read all about this great trick!

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