The 6 favorite hiding places of bed bugs

bed bugs

Always check these places in the house carefully for bed bugs.

Bed bugs. Shivers run down our backs when we think about it. These crawling critters can often be found in and around your bed. We probably don’t have to tell you that, but did you know there are plenty of other places in the house where this animal likes to hide?

The bed is not the most obvious place where bed bugs like to hide.


What are bed bugs anyway? They’re small bugs that are usually found in the bedroom. They like to bite people during their sleep and cause itchy, red bumps. If you don’t take immediate action when you see just a few, a large bed bug family will appear in no time. Specialized companies can fight the bugs, but they are so persistent that it takes a lot of work. Carefully check the places below in your house for bed bugs and avoid a lot of hassle.


The bed bug’s favorite spot is, of course, the bed, since this creature takes great pleasure in biting you during your sleep at night. However, bed bugs can also hide in another place—behind the wallpaper. Yes, really! So when you are sleeping peacefully, the bitchy creatures can come behind the wallpaper or between the baseboards. Just the idea…

(Clothing) cupboard

A cupboard is also a bedbug’s favorite hiding place. They survive well on textiles and can end up in the cupboards via clothing, bedding or tea towels. Did you find a bed bug in your (clothing) closet? Then place each item of clothing in the freezer for 2 days, or wash all items at 60 degrees celcius. Also, with bedding or tea towels, you would do well to thoroughly clean them. This way you prevent distribution.

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