Does your throat hurt? These foods can relieve the pain

soar throat foods

Get rid of that annoying sore throat as quickly as possible

Almost every fall or winter you will be hit by it: a sore throat. Whether it really makes you sick or not, it is super annoying. Tea and honey are a popular sore throat remedy that you probably know. But did you know that other foods also help soothe a sore throat? We list them for you below.

Every food has its qualities.

1. Broth

Just like a steaming cup of tea, a steaming cup of broth does a lot of good for your throat. Because of the hot steam your nose will be less clogged. Additionally, a broth is the perfect basis for an antiseptic soup. Add some fresh vegetables, garlic, turmeric, ginger, and voilà: an anti-inflammatory soup is born.

2. Fruit ice creams

An ice-cold ice cream cools your throat and can provide immediate pain relief. Before you grab a pack of pear or rocket ice cream, don’t! There’s a lot of sugar in these ice creams, which actually irritates your throat. Grab your blender and throw in different fruits, fresh spinach and grated ginger. Pour this mixture into ice molds and freeze for a few hours. Your throat will be grateful!

3. Garlic

Allicin, found in garlic, has an anti-inflammatory effect and kills the bacteria that cause a sore throat. Garlic also fights your cold. To eat, chop a garlic clove and throw it through your broth.

4. Smoothies

Just like an ice cream, an ice-cold smoothie does a lot of good for your throat. Sick with the flu? Then you probably also have little appetite. Yet it is extremely important to get enough vitamins and minerals to regain strength as quickly as possible. A number of smoothie ingredients are essential to combat your sore throat. Take a generous amount of frozen or fresh fruit, oatmeal, fresh ginger, a pinch of turmeric, water or vegetable milk and ice cubes.

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