The 6 favorite hiding places of bed bugs


In addition to wallpaper, skirting boards and cupboards, books are also a favorite hiding place for bedbugs. Especially the old, dusty copies are very popular with small insects. Do you then take a chance and bring such an old book full of bed bugs into the house? Then there is a good chance that your house will be full of these critters within a short time.

Electrical outlets

We know what you’re thinking: “bed bugs in sockets?!” Yes, really. The small holes in the socket are a great place for the insects. They can easily get in and out. This makes it easy for bedbugs to go quickly to their “prey” when it is nearby. Brrr.

Couches and chairs

In addition to beds, sofas and chairs are also not immune to bed bugs. If you regularly move your furniture around the house, you then spread all the bedbugs throughout the house without realizing it. Did you come across a bed bug in one of your pieces of furniture? Then call in a specialized control company immediately, before it’s too late.

Carpet and carpet

Textiles like bed bugs, that is clear. Carpets and rugs are also very attractive to them. This is possibly the most annoying place where these critters can stay, especially when your entire house is full of carpet. Proper vacuuming is of little use since the animals can cling to the carpet. In this case, immediately call in a control company.

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Source: Max Today | Image: Videostill, YouTube