Aha! This is why your cat likes licking your hair

cat hair licking

How sweet!

Do find your cat giving your hair a deep-clean with their tongue on the regular? Cats usually use their tongues to clean their fur, but your hair can sometimes get caught up in it too. You might be thinking that your hair isn’t clean, but the real reason is actually really sweet. Keep reading!

A better bond

Cats learn from an early age not only to lick their own fur but also that of other cats. This is due to the fact that their mothers clean them for the first few weeks of their life. And they don’t only do it to stay clean, this action also shows that they feel comfortable. By washing each other, cats create a stronger bond and help each other feel safe.

Scents in your hair

If your cat is constantly licking your hair, it could just be a sign that they feel good and safe with you. Although there haven’t been any scientific studies on this, it seems pretty likely. Another possibility is that your cat is attracted to certain scents, like your shampoo or even your sweat.


When your little fur ball is licking your hair, it can mean several things. If you notice that your cat only does it while you’re on the phone, then they’re probably just looking for a bit of attention. They probably know that you’re more likely to pet them or cuddle with them. Clever cats!

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