Wow! This simple trick will help you remove old wallpaper in no time at all!


Your old wallpaper will be gone in a jiffy!

If you’ve live in the same place for a long time, you might want to redecorate or spruce things up a little after a while. We love giving our living room or bedroom a make over, however big or small: moving around the furniture, some new paint on the walls, or putting up some fresh, new wallpaper. Removing old wallpaper isn’t exactly a fun chore, but luckily there’s a trick that makes it much easier!

You only need one simple ingredient and it’s something a lot of people will probably own already!


So, how do you get that blasted paper off the wall without too much trouble? It’s very simple. Use fabric softener! How does it work? Fill a spray bottle with equal parts fabric softener and water. Shake the bottle for a bit so the two components are properly mixed. Then, spray the mixture onto the wallpaper you want to remove from the wall and let it soak for a little bit. After a few minutes you’ll be able to peel the paper straight off the wall without any trouble. Easiest thing in the world!

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Source: Zelfmaakideetjes | Image: video still Mitre 10 New Zealand