Do you throw out your old coffee grounds? Here are 9 reasons why you shouldn’t!

coffee grounds

Did you know you could do this many things with old coffee grounds?

We wouldn’t know what to do without our daily cups of coffee, especially that very first one in the morning. There would definitely be a bit of a problem with waking up, that’s for sure. Did you know most people drink about two or three cups of coffee a day?

But what do they do with their coffee grounds?

Stuff of miracles

Unfortunately, most people throw their coffee grounds in the bin, which is understandable, of course. But there are so many things you could do with those grounds around your home and garden! We’ve compiled a list of all the useful things to do with old coffee grounds.


Coffee grounds turn out to work great as fertiliser, especially when it comes to irrigation and retaining water in the soil. Rainworms are attracted to it and they, in turn, are good for flowers and plants. It’s a win-win situation for your garden!


Those coffee grounds are well suited to combat all kinds of animal nuisances. An example would be slugs and snails, but also cats. Just scatter some grounds in the vicinity of your home and you’ll notice unwanted animals will stay away.


If you mix carrot seeds with coffee grounds before planting them, you’ll see your carrots will grow bigger and thicker. This will appeal to anyone with a green thumb and their own vegetable patch, right?

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