This is why you should never order a hamburger with a pickle at McDonald’s!


Forget about that pickle…

Eating a delicious burger instead of a healthy salad is something everyone simply has to do once in a while. We love going to McDonald’s and indulging in a nice Big Mac or Quarter Pounder. We’re sure we’re not the only ones, right? Do you like getting yourself a good burger every now and again? It’s best not to go for one with a pickle, then!

It’ll be to your own advantage!

No pickle
Before you start thinking there’s something wrong with McDonald’s pickles, we’d like to tell you that that’s not the case. Their pickles are fine! But… if you order a burger without a pickle, you do make sure you get yourself a fresh burger. Do you really want a pickle? Then you might consider ordering a burger without tomato, for example.

So, what’s that about? Making burgers at McDonald’s is literally assembly work. Pickles (and tomatoes) are added to all of the burgers and when they’re done they’re just left waiting until somebody orders them. That can take quite a while, though. Do you want to avoid getting a burger that has been lying around for a while? Order it without one of the ingredients (like pickle or tomato) and your burger will be made right there on the spot! You’ll have yourself a fresh burger.

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Source: DailyMail | Image: archive