An airplane in the middle of the jungle has been converted into a beautiful holiday home

airplane jungle

Just wait until you see the interior of this holiday home!

Something you don’t expect in the middle of the beautiful, green jungle of Costa Rica is an old abandoned plane. This Boeing 727 was relocated to the middle of a jungle in Costa Rica, and transformed into a holiday home. And it worked! Just wait until you see the inside of this special plane.

From plane to holiday home

This red and white Boeing 727 was placed in the treetops of the jungle by a large crane. The contents were then completely stripped and replaced by a beautiful interior. Today, the unique home is a rental home for vacationers. This special experience of spending the night in a rainforest in Costa Rica is very popular with many tourists. And if we look at the inside of the plane, we can surely understand this!

Check out the interior on the final page!

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