Find out: how to wash your sheets without them tangling

sheets tangling

No more tangled up, half-dry sheets!

This might sound familiar to you: you finally forced yourself to wash your sheets and blankets, only to pull them out of your washing machine completely tangled up. And if you don’t notice it in that moment, you will find out when the sheets come out of the dryer, still wet. With these tips, you can prevent that from happening!

1. Close zippers and buttons

Even though you want to get this chore done as fast as possible, it might actually help to close up all the buttons on your sheets and blankets. Yes, the ones you just opened up to get your blanker out. Or the zippers. It will be worth it to put in some extra work. When you close all the zippers and buttons, it will prevent tangling and will help you save time (and a lot of frustration) in the end.

2. Clothespins or rubber bands

If your sheets don’t have zippers or buttons, then get creative and use something else to prevent tangling! If you use clothespins or rubber bands to tie your laundry together, it will also help prevent tangling. Tie the ends of your sheets together to close all the open ends (which is what causes them to tangle). And then wash like you normally would. Because your sheets are ‘closed’ they won’t get tangled up.

3. Tennis ball

This might surprise you, but a tennis ball can be your best friend when it comes to tangling. When you put tennis balls in your dryer, they will make sure that your sheets don’t tangle. And that means that they will dry better! Another benefit of adding tennis balls to your dryer is that it will prevent your laundry from becoming static and it will speed up the drying process. That is a win-win-win!

4. Fold it

This might feel very counterintuitive but don’t knock it before you try it! If you fold your sheets and blankets before you put them in the washing machine, they will wash and dry more evenly. The key is to fold the opening of your sheets (the bottom part) up a few times before washing it and then fold the rest of it. Then wash and dry as you normally would. You will notice that your sheets won’t be tangled and that there won’t be any wet patches when you take your sheets out of the dryer.

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Source: RTL Nieuws | Image: Unsplash, Bárbara Fróes