Heatwave tips: 5 simple ways to save drinking water

drinking water
It’s important to save drinking water in this heat

It’s incredibly hot in many parts of Europe as well as the rest of the world, and that’s not the only problem we have: there’s a huge drought going on. This drought doesn’t just have a negative influence on the growth of our crops and the lives of many wild animals, but also on our drinking water.

We’re going to have to save on drinking water.

Water supply

Throughout the entire world, there’s only a limited supply of drinking water. We use this water to drink, but also to shower and bathe. Besides these things, this water is also used for cooling, flushing the toilet and countless other things. In other words; our drinking water is very important. Because of the ongoing drought, our drinking water supplies are put under a lot of pressure. That’s why it’s not a bad idea at all to be a little more mindful about the water we use. Here are five tips you can implement in your everyday life to save on water.

Skip a shower for a day

Okay, this might not sound like something you want to do, but it’s absolutely fine to skip your daily shower sometimes. Did you know that showering every day is very bad for both your hair and your skin? Of course, if anything, this heat will make you want to shower more, not less, but try taking a very brief shower and not an elaborate washing session. Your hair can do without a wash for day: it will even make it more beautiful and healthy.

Take a start/stop shower

This is somewhat similar to the previous tip, but you can save a ton of water with a start/stop shower. This is how it works: get in your shower and make sure you’re completely wet. Then, turn off the shower, lather everything that needs to be lathered and only turn the shower back on when you’re ready to rinse it all off. This way, you’ll drastically shorten the time your shower is actually on and save a lot of water.

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